Mirror Mirror

Today’s Istanbul. Society has become more and more conservative. Women struggle to keep ground both socially and economically. There is an Ottoman craze as an antidote to Western culture.  

Aylin, a young and reluctant student staying in a state dormitory, wants to get the role of a concubine in the Ottoman TV series in order to become free from her possessive father. She attends an acting course to pursue her goal.

Frida, a flea market vendor, rehearses her longtime unfinished play ‘Letters to Frida’ in public spaces. However, she has to overcome her panic attacks rooted from past traumas.  

Lale, an established middle-aged actress runs a small theater where she gives acting courses. Facing economic difficulties and cultural changes she struggles to keep her theater alive.

Their paths intersect in Lale’s course.

As pressure mounts on them more and more three women face the same decision: either to surrender or to fight for their dreams.

Director: Belmin Söylemez

Running time: ‘117

Language: Turkish

Subtitles: English

Production: Hasmet Topaloğlu, Filmbüfe
Film Productions Ltd.

Starring: Manolya Maya, Şenay Aydın, Laçin Ceylan, Cengiz Orhonlu 

Film year: 2022