Emine (70), due to the recent death of her husband, is supposed to leave her hometown, which she has not left all her life. Although leaving the village is painful for Emine, it is hard to persuade her nine children to let her stay there alone, especially after her heart attack.
Emine has two conditions for moving to the city: trading in her animals and waiting for forty days after her husband’s death. However, she increases the price of the animals and so, day by day it becomes more difficult not only to sell the animals but also for Emine to survive alone in the village. As she tries to recall the poems she wrote, Emine struggles to say goodbye to her past.

Director: Vahit Sarıtaş

Running time: ’40

Language: Turkish

Subtitles: English

Production: Dekadraj Film

Starring: Em$ne Durmuş, Meryem Demir, Ilgın Sarıtaş, Apdullah Demir, Vahap Demir,

Film year: 2023