Cloves and carnations

In the snowy and desolate roads of South Eastern Anatolia, Musa, an old refugee, carries the corpse of his deceased wife to their homeland with his granddaughter, Halime. Their journey becomes more difficult as they get closer to the border of a country at war. Once they get caught up by the police, their ways separate in three different destinations.

Director: Bekir Bülbül

Running time: ‘103

Language: Turkish & Arabic

Subtitles: English

Production: Halil Kardaş (Filmcode)

Starring: Demir Parscan, Şam Şerit Zeydan, Bahadır Efe, Tahsin Lale, Yiğit Ege Yazar, Selçuk Şimşek, Fırat Kaymak, Emine Çiftçi, Serkan Bilgi

Film year: 2022